J.Gold Associates provides its clients with insightful, meaningful and actionable analysis of
trends in the computer and technology industries and the resultant implementation challenges
that affect corporate operations.

We do extensive research and maintain a broad based knowledge of the technology landscape and its implications for organizational strategies, and bring that expertise to bear in our work.

We cover the needs of business users in enterprise and SMB markets, plus focus on emerging consumer technologies that will quickly be re-purposed to business use.

 Some of our focus areas include:
Enterprise Computing and Applications
Mobility and Wireless Technology
Chip Technology
Cloud Computing
Artificial Intelligence
End User Computing
Internet of Things
Consumer and Emerging Technology
Corporate Governance and Operations
Return on Investment and Total Cost of Ownership Models

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J.Gold Associates creates a variety of technology, market analysis and industry-specific studies
and research reports. Some are available on a complimentary basis by signing up for our
periodic newsletter, Technology Brief, while others are available to our subscribers or for purchase individually.
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J.Gold Associates creates commentary on breaking news events and emerging market dynamics
for its subscribers. Further, we provide commentary and analysis to a variety of technology and
general media outlets as well as publish guest columns and commentary in a variety of media.
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J.Gold Associates conducts research and creates original models, market segment reports and whitepapers that identify, analyze and expand on specific market trends and issues of relevance to our existing and potential clients. Contact us to discuss your specific needs.

Whether you are an end user organization or a solutions provider, J.Gold Associates will work
with you to create a customized strategy for success.  Contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

J.Gold Associates, LLC. provides strategic consulting, advisory services, customized projects, syndicated research and in-context analysis to help its clients make important technology choices and to enable improved product
deployment decisions. We work with our clients to produce successful new product strategies and
deployments through strategy workshops and reviews, business and strategic plan coaching and reviews,
assistance in product selection and vendor evaluations, needs analysis, competitive analysis, and ongoing
expertise transfer. We provide our clients with a trusted and expert resource to maximize investment and
minimize risk.