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Technology Flash – 26 April 2019
What’s Next for Google Cloud?
“…Google recently held its annual Next conference where it made a large number (>100) of both major and minor announcements… Much
has been covered on the specifics of the announcements, so I’ll focus more on analysis of the strategy than on the technology.…I expect
that Google will continue its push hard into enterprise and that more organizations will see them as a credible choice going forward.
Google Cloud is being positioned as a strong competitor to Azure and AWS, and should increase its market share significantly over the
next few years..….”

Technology Flash - 23 April 2019
Beyond Apple/Qualcomm- The 5G Modem Wars: Identifying The Winners and Losers?
“…Now that Apple and Qualcomm have settled their dispute, people are trying to pick winners and losers of this extended battle. The
market has picked Qualcomm as the primary winner judging by its stock price, and that may be true, but it’s also too simplistic....There
was a lot more going on in the 5G modem wars than just the Apple/Qualcomm law suit. The winners and losers were not as clear cut as
many had believed, and the complex supply chain of parts and suppliers for future 5G enabled devices continues to be dynamic.….”

Technology Flash - 16 April 2019
Samsung’s Galaxy Fold: Bright Future or Dead End?
“…this is no mass market device, in the sense of its more pocketbook friendly (and larger volume) Galaxy S10 cousins. Some have said
there is no market for this device given the price point. In my opinion, given the “status” this device brings to the owner as she pulls it
from a bag or pocket, there will be plenty of buyers.…I expect that in 2-3 years (maybe sooner), you’ll be seeing smartphones with
foldable displays in mainstream (meaning $400-$800) smartphones. New technology always flows downhill as volumes increase and
components get cheaper. It will happen in foldables as well. In fact, I expect the foldable to become the new “phablet” in the not too distant

Technology Flash - 2 April 2019
5G’s 80% challenge
“…the devices are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to 5G. The real “below the water line” challenges, the 80+% of the challenges
in making 5G real are in updating and creating networks that can truly provide all of the capabilities that we expect.…The 5G 80%
challenge requires that network operators move to a fully NFV core if they are to provide the variety of premium services that they have
promised with 5G,… We expect Intel architecture to ultimately dominate this space, much as it has in the enterprise and cloud markets ….”

Technology Flash - 11 March 2019
Nvidia Swoops in to buy Mellanox
“…Mellanox has focused more on the high performance data center and cloud marketplace than in traditional enterprise servers and PCs
where Nvidia has a significant presence with its GPUs.. Nvidia really needs to focus on its growing data center business, where it can
provide high end products at good margins.…With this purchase, Nvidia has acquired a company that can significantly help it overcome
one of the biggest performance bottlenecks …. BUT, ultimately the value of this acquisition will rest on how well Nvidia manages and
integrates the technology, and in the past some of its major strategic acquisitions fell by the wayside. Coming at a significant premium
price to market valuation, only time will tell if this was a good buy or not.….

Technology Flash - 5 March 2019
MWC – where smartphone battles unfolded
“…Mobile World Congress, as usual, had a number of impressive new smartphone technology announcements. But beyond the exciting
new devices, what does it all mean for the future of mainstream devices and average users?.…it’s important to recognize that looking
beyond the hype, not all of the technology will be quickly available, affordable or attractive to a large swath of users, at least in the first
iteration. But MWC does clearly show us where the devices are going longer term and what it means for all of us who can’t live without our
smart devices.….”

Technology Flash – 6 February 2019
Enterprise mobile management: Where do we go from here?
“…Mobile has become a mainstream tool for the vast majority of enterprise workers… Mobile device management/enterprise mobile
management (MDM/EMM) suites have been deployed by most organizations… I expect most EMM/MDM suites to migrate towards full-
blown unified endpoint management (UEM) suites that not only manage PCs in addition to mobile devices, but also Enterprise of Things
(EoT) deployments most companies will undertake in the next two to three years.…If your company currently runs an MDM/EMM solution,
or even if it’s already migrated to a UEM product, be prepared for some big changes to take place over the next two to three years… If you
are not viewing endpoint management strategically, and not preparing for the next phase in capabilities, you risk putting your company on
a path to reduced productivity, increased threat surface, and higher TCO….”

Technology Flash - 15 January 2019
Microsoft and Walgreens – The Future of Healthcare?
“…Microsoft and Walgreens announced a 7 year strategic partnership… While on the face of it, this is a major win for Microsoft in terms of
cloud and Windows seats for Walgreens’ basic IT needs, what is more compelling is what it means when we read between the lines…This
is potentially a win-win scenario. Walgreens gets a partner that can create and deploy much needed advanced technology for the new
healthcare delivery models and allowing it to concentrate on what it knows best – customer facing services. And Microsoft gets a partner
that already has massive presence and scale to touch a vast number of potential customers. ….”

Technology Flash - 15 December 2018
New chip techniques are needed for the new computing workloads
“…Over the next 2-3 years, we will see an explosion of new complex processors that not only do the general purpose computing that we
commonly see today (scalar and vector/graphics processing) but a significant amount of matrix and spatial data analysis as well (e.g.,
AR/VR, visual response systems, AI/ML, specialized signal processing, communications, autonomous sensors, etc.)... Besides the
benefits to Intel which should be significant, we expect this technology to benefit the market in general as it brings more heterogeneous
compute capability to more specialized computing workloads, more quickly, and for lower costs, and especially in areas where more
limited quantities don’t enable the massive runs needed for fully monolithic design solutions to be economical.….”

November 1, 2018 Technology Brief
1. Why Mobile must go AI
“…Specialized AI subsystems in current devices with somewhat limited capabilities will improve over the next 1-2 years and morph into a
much more powerful capability. There will be some hiccups along the way, but I estimate that in the next 3-5 years, virtually all of us will
be carrying around a full fledged AI powered device...”
2. How likely are you to be hacked? Depends on how old your PC is
“…We recently conducted a survey of more than 3200 SMBs in 16 countries worldwide, to assess their use of PCs,.. our survey
respondents indicated that a 4-5 year old machine has more than 4 times as many security breaches compared to a PC less than 1 year
old, and a more than 5 year old machine has nearly 6 times more security breaches than a PC less than 1 year old..…”
3. Intel accelerates vision and goes OpenVINO
“…Intel recently introduced its Vision Accelerator Reference Designs that consist of both hardware options as well as an open sourced
software development environment …Intel’s seeding of this potentially massive market should pay long term dividends in market share
and position it to take great advantage of its acquired investments in Altera and Movidius...”

October 1, 2018 Technology Brief
1. BlackBerry Provides a Spark to EoT Security
“…A consolidated environment that includes an uncompromised security chain encompassing low level hardware all the way to user
interface and apps is required to make an EoT solution truly secure. Enterprises should look at BlackBerry’s combined offering as a
strong offering for the needs of EoT security and manageability....”
2. Dell Technologies has its “EyeOT” on you
“…Organizations with a specific need in the emerging space of EoT would do well to examine preconfigured solutions from key vendors
who can leverage the expertise gained by working with a variety of companies with similar needs... Only major players like Dell can bring
enough resources to bear to make that happen…”       
3. Citrix and Microsoft – Enabling the “Instant Desktop”
“…Products like the Citrix DaaS aids organizations in overcoming the challenges of infrastructure management and enables users to
become productive almost immediately through virtual workspaces. It’s imperative that companies investigate new methods of getting
users on-line quickly, given that so much change is taking place in the expanding needs of digital transformation......”

September 24, 2018 Technology Flash
5G Geopolitical Fallout – and the Winner is?
"... Many companies have been deploying ruggedized laptops and handhelds for years. But with the next generation of smartphones
offering more ruggedness, along with highly capable docking solutions, do we really need to have enterprise rugged PCs anymore?... I
expect many private companies that currently utilize ruggedized PCs to move more quickly, and within 2-3 years, many will be converted.
This should dramatically improve field worker communications and especially collaboration, as well as improve user experience and
reduce costs for the organization overall.…."

July 20, 2018 Technology Flash
Is the Rugged Mobile PC Dead?
"... Many companies have been deploying ruggedized laptops and handhelds for years. But with the next generation of smartphones
offering more ruggedness, along with highly capable docking solutions, do we really need to have enterprise rugged PCs anymore?... I
expect many private companies that currently utilize ruggedized PCs to move more quickly, and within 2-3 years, many will be converted.
This should dramatically improve field worker communications and especially collaboration, as well as improve user experience and
reduce costs for the organization overall.…."

July 13, 2018 Technology Flash
Why Most EoT is a Waste of Money
"... Enterprise of Things (EoT) is becoming a significant part of nearly all company’s plans for the next 3-5 years. Indeed, we expect EoT to
become a top 3 item on most organization’s strategic initiatives in the coming 2-3 years…But our research shows that for many
companies currently deploying or planning deployments of EoT, it’s a waste of money.... companies must be thinking about deploying EoT
capability if they want to stay competitive. But unless they have a strategy to fully utilize the potential insights the input devices provide,
and then allow the full utilization of advanced output capabilities tied into corporate back office systems, they will not be achieving the full
benefits of EoT…."

July 2, 2018 Technology Flash
Is Your Company Part of the  GDPR “Mobile Loop-hole”?
"... Europe is leading the way in privacy protection with General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). But most companies are not focused
on what it means for their mobile workers …With relatively few companies deploying a full suite of EMM tools that could make this
transition possible, it’s likely that few companies currently can become fully mobile compliant without making some significant
technology investments. And while specialized "protected" areas like Samsung Knox and Google for Work help to secure data, that may
not be enough without the additional EMM management capabilities…."

June 20, 2018 Technology Flash
Machine Learning Goes Mobile
"... Most people think about machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) as being compute intensive programs running on massive
computers in the cloud. Indeed, many AL/ML operations do. But more recently, we have begun to see a significant capability for ML and AI
emerge on mobile devices …While still an emerging area, many companies are now starting to evaluate and deploy ML/AI based
systems, including to mobile platforms. Architecting unique solutions means that you’ll need to pick a wide ranging platform that runs
across all computing components…."

June 16, 2018 Technology Flash
Can Microsoft fix IoT Security?
"... Microsoft recently announced its Azure Sphere initiative that it hopes will be utilized to make the world of IoT devices more secure…
The initiative consists of three components: a silicon based addition to controller chips, an enhanced Linux OS kernel that will power the
chips, and a back end cloud service called Azure Sphere… We applaud Microsoft for trying to make the world of IoT safer for consumers
(and businesses)..... While we recommend that companies evaluate the Azure Sphere technology for their needs, especially for EoT and
related enterprise deployments, we don’t think it will become a dominant force in the overall market for securing IoT…."

June 6, 2018 Technology Flash
Boosting Mobile Security with AI
"...If your company is currently using older style on-device signature comparisons, you are not being well protected. Cloud-based security
solutions built on AI are a must if you are going to stay current with the latest threats and prevent serious breaches.... Organizations
wishing to protect their workers, and particularly their mobile workers, should be looking at AI powered security systems that can monitor
the actions taking place by users and devices, and not rely on static on-device security apps alone…."

May 6, 2018 Technology Brief
A New Face for Identity Management?
"... Over the next 2-3 years, I expect to see a new level of identity management implemented in many organizations that relies less on
user actions and more on known things, places and experiences. Indeed, multiple systems are now being shown that use an Artificial
Intelligence component to deterministically support identity management …implement a system that includes an AI based access and
control mechanism that makes intelligent decisions about who, what and where. Many exist as a service in the cloud and should be
evaluated for their capabilities to enhance corporate security… look for solutions that are acceptable to end users. Any systems deployed
that end users hate will ultimately be defeated by them and will both waste money and be ineffective.…."

January 2, 2018 Technology Flash
Meltdown and Spectre exploits: Cutting through the FUD
".....The major chip makers, AMD, ARM and Intel have decided to work together to mitigate the potential effects of a common enemy that
affects most modern computer chips… major software vendors of Linux, Microsoft for Windows, Apple for MacOS, and virtualization
software suppliers like VMware and Citrix have all collaborated to mitigate this threat... While these new exploits are troublesome, as are
all potential security risks, users and organizations affected should not panic. Many of the fixes are already being implemented as
software/firmware upgrades and should mitigate the vast majority of any potential exploitation…."

April 26, 2018 Technology Flash
Moore’s Law is Dead – Or is it?  
“… We expect the benefits of Moore’s Law to continue for many years, even as we change the fundamental understanding of the current
Moore’s Law parameters. But the greatest change will come from “reuse and recycle” of existing subcomponents that have proven
capability, but do not need to be implemented in the newest processes.......”  

February 2018 Technology Brief
1. Can BlackBerry become a SW security watchdog?
“…this is a promising area for BlackBerry, particularly for its automotive clients – a market that it has placed significant bets on for its
future success. It’s unlikely that BlackBerry would be successful as a standalone binary code scanning company, but as an extension of
its QNX efforts, this technology may give them an important advantage over competing automotive platforms and should prove
advantageous to their future revenue stream......”
2. Where will EMM go in 2018?
“…Business as usual, when it comes to EMM, does not make sense, nor does it maintain the levels of management, productivity and
security required as mobile use and technology advances. Companies need to continue to improve their deployment of EMM in order to
remain productive and competitive…”       
3. It’s about Location, Location, Location…
“…LBS is a critical component of next-phase autonomous “things” as well as many advanced services like AR/VR and AI analysis. The
days of old style companies offering only a mapping database are coming to an end. At the end of the day, success for location services
vendors will be about powering the most useful solutions through partnerships, and the location data itself will be secondary......”

January 2018 Technology Brief
1. 2018 will be the year of “Smart” in Mobile
“…the next 2-3 years will see a large impact from “smart” mobile devices, as service providers like Apple, Amazon and Google make
their systems available universally, and vendors with the needed high level of resources, like Apple, Samsung, Huawei, LG, add
increasingly sophisticated tech into their devices – sometimes as a hardware, and sometimes as cloud services (e.g., Samsung Bixby)...”
2. Will the next great AI breakthroughs be coming from outside the US?
“…It’s very likely that in the next 3-5 years, we’ll see a very different AI market than exists today. Many Asia companies will challenge the
current leaders, even as newer startups find compelling ways to advance AI (and often get acquired by the bigger players in the process).
3. Security in the age of EoT
“…Many older EoT installations exist and new ones are rapidly coming online. EoT should not follow the consumer model where anything
is fair game and lowest cost often outweighs required secure implementations. … it’s imperative to try and come up with some standard
security practices that can at least limit the type and scope of security breaches......

December 2017 Technology Brief
1.Qualcomm pushes into servers
“…given the size and scale of Qualcomm, as well as the partnerships it has established with manufacturers, Qualcomm is in a prime
position to take a significant share of the expanding server market (unlike the many much smaller players in the ARM server space who
have had minimal success)...”
2. The race to 5G starts with current tech
“…many of the foundational technologies necessary to make 5G a reality are being implemented now, and will be incorporated into the
final product. Although the potential to over-hype the improvements are there, with misnomers alluding to 5G networks when they’re not,
the reality is that any improvements should be seen as important steps to 5G and that these improvements can also be taken advantage
of by users today.…”       
3. BlackBerry: the Security/Safety Company
“…Blackberry is in a prime position to take advantage of its pivot from device maker, to a security and safety company. We expect to see
Blackberry expand into many vertical markets over the next 2-3 years, and to see it become a dominant player in the Enterprise of Things

November 2017 Technology Brief
1.Can Samsung change the way enterprises buy smartphones?
“…Samsung’s implementation of a “Zero Touch” onboarding and configuration capability with Knox Configure and Mobile Enrollment is a
major step forward for enterprises, particularly smaller organizations, that still need to configure user devices, but without the need to
procure and operate fairly complex EMM systems......”
2.Intel and AMD – a partnership made in gameland?
“…By linking the Intel high end processors with the competitive graphics of the AMD Radeon, Intel has created a product that filled a hole
in its product line. In the next year, we expect to see thin and light laptops that will utilize the processor and integrated graphics of 8th
generation Intel chips…”
3. Can Dell dominate the EoT?
“…Recently Dell created a new division whose mission it is to focus Dell’s diverse resources towards the singular needs of the
Enterprise of Things (EoT)…given its array of technology assets, Dell is in a prime position to provide fundamental platforms for powering
most EoT deployments, and companies will do well to evaluate their solutions......”

October 2017 Technology Brief
1. Is the Smartphone the primary AI platform of the future?
“……In the next 1-2 years we’ll see SoCs from Qualcomm targeted at mobile devices and Intel targeted at edge servers, among others…
This will herald a new generation of products that are much more cost effective and able to function much better in a limited power-
available product like a smartphone or other autonomous devices. At that point, smartphones will likely be the most predominant AI
powered devices.....”
2.Can Ryzen Pro propel AMD into a serious enterprise client challenger?
“…Ryzen Pro definitely raises the bar for AMD and creates an alternative to Intel chips in business clients. Indeed, these chips are
probably the most credible threat AMD has presented in more than 5 years. But unless AMD can show a clear advantage beyond just a
price advantage, it may be a tough sell…”
3.SAP Leonardo – From IoT to mainstream
“…SAP is positioning Leonardo as its way to get organizations to market faster and with “built-in” expertise. This is a welcome response
to the past challenges when SAP was seen as a difficult product to implement and a long term deployment operation......”

June 2017 Technology Brief
1. Citrix as a Security Company?
“…Citrix has decided its best path forward is to rebrand itself as a security enabler, an approach that suits its technology and the markets
it serves while maximally leveraging its core assets.. enterprise users, particularly those already deploying Citrix products, should look
at deploying these new capabilities in a timely fashion to enhance their overall security posture...”
2. Can VMware take IoT’s Pulse?
“…we expect the Pulse IoT Center product to be a welcome extension for those VMware customers looking to add EoT functionality to
their already growing list of virtualized infrastructure components, especially as it will provide a single window pane into security and
management …. Enterprises already invested in VMware should evaluate its new offering for EoT.…
3. Powering the “Mobile Data Center”  
“…The advances needed to achieve autonomous vehicles will take place both on and off the vehicle, and no one vendor will be able to
accomplish this independently. Early leaders are unlikely to dominate the processing functions needed, and competing requirements will
produce a large market opportunity for additional players......”

May 2017 Technology Brief
1. Samsung S8 – Some Key Takeaways
“…Samsung has recaptured market momentum with its new devices, and barring any major hiccups in the devices themselves, will find
them very successful.. And with its focus on enterprise users with Knox and now DeX, I expect Samsung to be the largest enterprise
supplier of Android powered phones.....”
2. Dell wants to change endpoint security
“…We believe that Dell has the most wideranging security technology capability currently available from a hardware vendor based on the
assets it acquired with EMC and the partnerships it has created... Dell’s heavy focus on bringing security products and services to their
endpoints and business customers makes them a leading contender in this space …
3. ARM’s DynamIQ Expansion
“…We expect this move by ARM to be received well in the marketplace, and to provide a boost to the kind of customized chips needed for
specialty markets that might have gone to competitive architectures – specifically x86. As a result, ARM will be considered in product
designs it may not have been considered for previously......”

April 27, 2017 Technology Flash
Microsoft: Is its Head in the Cloud?
“…Microsoft continues to pivot to the cloud and expand from a company primarily known for its OS and Office infrastructure products, to
one that is a full service provider with a concentration on high value, high revenue potential enterprise level products.... expect more
vertical solutions built on its cloud platforms to be increasingly competitive to vertical solution providers (e.g., SalesForce, Oracle, SAP,
IBM) and would not rule out additional acquisitions to fill in its products requirements.….”

March 24, 2017 Technology Flash
Google’s Next Play while Microsoft Stacks the Cloud
“… We expect many more enterprises to consider Google Cloud as an alternative to Microsoft, given Google’s expanding
deployments/scale, new enterprise features, aggressive pricing and widespread adoption and familiarity by users on a personal
March …Not having an onprem equivalent to Azure Stack puts Google (and others) at a competitive disadvantage that will be hard to
overcome. While we are very positive on Google’s new enterprise direction… outcompeting Microsoft at many companies will be a

March 20, 2017 Technology Flash
Is Optane Intels’ Secret Weapon?
"… As Moore’s Law slows and competitors like AMD and Qualcomm come at Intel in a variety of its markets, having exclusive availability
of a technology like Optane could give it a 10%-25% competitive performance advantage.....”

February 2017 Technology Brief
1. Can Apple bully Qualcomm into submission?
“…Qualcomm is being attacked for trying to maximize its revenues – a position all profit making companies take. Unless there are some
secret terms that are not currently public, it will be hard for Apple to prove its being treated differently than the rest of the companies in
licensing terms......”
2.  Cisco wants to run your building
“…We expect to see more specialized products coming from Cisco targeting other EoT market segments in the coming 1-2 years. As its
core large networking systems business grows soft, this will be a beneficial place where it can re-establish itself and grow installations,
and revenue..…"
3. Samsung’s Note 7 mess may be good for us all
“……Samsung has put in place probably the most extensive battery/system test and QA process ever undertaken ... And if the rest of the
industry adopts the recommendations and learns from this, we’ll all be safer when using our battery powered high-tech devices.........”

January 2017 Technology Brief
1. BlackBerry’s Security Reframed
“…We believe that BlackBerry has now achieved nearly a full transformation to a software enabled company …. Its refocus on secure
workspaces is a good strategy going forward. Organizations that require cross client platform support in the most secure way would do
well to consider BlackBerry......”  
2. Coming to the party late: AMD and AI
“…With the release of Radeon Instinct products and its Deep Learning for Radeon toolkits, AMD is staking out its place in a growth
marketplace in which all major chip vendors will compete. … Nevertheless, given its relatively late entry, it has some ground to make up..
3. Opinion: Should we fear AI as some have suggested?
“…As the world around us has become more complex, and as the amount of knowledge available to us has exploded, and will continue to
do so with even more intensity, there really will be little choice for us but to include Assisted Intelligence as a key component of our

January 4, 2017 Technology Insight Report
Microsoft extends Windows 10 support to Snapdragon (ARM): Will it work?
"...At this point, the Windows on Snapdragon strategy is unproven compared to traditional Windows on Intel based systems and it’s still
unclear whether Windows on Snapdragon will perform to expectations. With so many questions and given past experience, we
recommend waiting until it has been fully tested and proven before choosing devices powered by this new environment…."

Dec 1, 2016 Technology Flash
Chip Vendors racing to make IoT “Smart”  
"…There are an increasing number of companies competing to become the internal “brains” driving the Internet of Things (IoT). With so
many chip vendors vying for share, is there likely to be a dominant player(s)?....”

November 2016 Technology Brief
1. BlackBerry – Ford-ing ahead to future devices
“…We expect QNX to eventually take a majority share of the smart car market, but also smart commercial vehicles (e.g., trucks, buses,
etc.)…While Ford may be the most visible cooperative arrangement to date, it’s likely BlackBerry will be making several other key
announcements in the near future built on many already existing partnerships....”
2. Will there be any pure wireless carriers left?
“……Carriers are morphing from large hardware infrastructure players into cloud-based providers of a variety of services…This bodes
well for the carriers as some of their legacy operations face stagnation. … carriers must change to compete, and the larger players (e.g.,
AT&T, Verizon) have a distinct advantage…”
3.  If IoT devices reach 50B by 2020, what does that mean for carrier revenues?
“……Internet of Things and all of the connected devices it will bring to market have been predicted to be a huge connectivity opportunity,
there needs to be some understanding of what types of devices and how many of those will actually need wireless wide area

October 10, 2016 Technology Flash
Samsung won't suffer long-term fallout from Note7
"… Samsung has pulled the plug on its troubled Galaxy Note7 device after repeated problems ….. But is this as bad for Samsung as some
suggest?…the fallout for Samsung will be pretty limited....”

September 3 2016 Technology Flash
Can Intel and Microsoft make VR a Reality?
"... While Virtual Reality has been high in the hype cycle for a couple of years now, its market impact has been relatively modest… Intel
and Microsoft announced a collaboration that will finally see AR/VR achieve a level of mainstream acceptance.....”

September 1 2016 Technology Flash
Cisco’s Larger Gameplan for ContainerX
"... Cisco announced that it is buying ContainerX… But why would Cisco acquire a company that is mostly directed at enabling the next
generation of cloud based virtualized services?......”

September 2016
1. Are SigFox and LoRa the WiMax of IoT?
“…Current investments being made in Sigfox and LoRA (e.g., Vodafone) are only stop gaps to fill the void but it will be hard for them to
grab enough scale to be successful longer term. Within 3-4 years, I expect all will be mothballed, or at least well on the way towards
2. LiveWorx – Industrial IoT becomes more focused
“……PTC offers a good strategy for itself and its customers to move to enhanced IoT services for the least amount of pain and cost. As
such, it should prove successful in expanding its business over the next several years…”
3. Yahoo Gets a New Parent
“…Overall Verizon buying Yahoo makes sense. It gives them a way to compete better with AT&T (and Google). It provides a large base of
users to sell added services to (and deliver ads). It gives them content creation capabilities to better compete for added revenues.....”

August 3 2016 Technology Flash
Who might buy Twitter?
"...There are several rumors swirling about Twitter being a prime acquisition candidate... 3 reasons Twitter would be a good target for the
right company......”

August 1 2016 Technology Flash
With Enterprise of Things, It’s the Backend that Counts!
"...corporate requirements of EoT are different than in typical consumer markets. EoT requires a heavy focus on security, integration,
connectivity, cost of operations, manageability, reliability, etc.......”

August 2016
1. Blockchain: It’s not just for finance anymore
“…Blockchain and similar technologies offer an important step forward in making EoT safe from hacking and/or hijacking. …. Companies
serious about EoT need to fully examine the benefits of such a technology as a key component of their strategy going forward....”
2. Why Oracle needed NetSuite
“…this is a good acquisition for Oracle (although perhaps an expensive one) that will allow the company to gain market share and
revenue benefits long term. Overall we rate this acquisition as a positive for both Oracle and NetSuite…”
3. HP Reinvents itself  but can it win?
“…After the split from HP Enterprise, HP is attempting to reinvent itself, and attack a marketplace for PCs and printers that has grown
mostly moribund and problematic.. questions remain about how the new HP grows and become more prosperous.....”

July 6 2016 Technology Flash
Intel and McAfee - No Longer Inseparable?
"…Rumors have been flying lately that Intel will be “separating” from its acquisition of McAfee that was completed in 2011. While it’s
always unsafe to put too much credence into rumors until all the facts are known, in this case, the rumors make a lot of sense. Here is
why it’s likely to happen....”
June 14, 2016 Technology Flash
Microsoft Gets LinkedIn
"…Microsoft announced it is acquiring LinkedIn for approximately $26B. While a hefty sum and a significant premium to the market
valuation, this is a win-win for both companies. Both should benefit greatly by the combination in the enterprise-focused arenas they both
concentrate on....”

June 7, 2016 Technology Flash
“BlackBerry Inside”
"…BlackBerry is no longer a phone company. It’s a security company. Devices are just a way for them to show off their security
capabilities. And software systems that enable a variety of secured communications capabilities is where Blackberry is now
concentrating its fairly formidable security DNA....”

June 2016
1. Actionable Intelligence: 7 Requirements for EoT
“…Organizations must look at EoT as a total ecosystem requiring investments in secure infrastructure, capable data capture and
analytics, and purpose built apps that empower devices to aid the workforce....”
2. Verizon and Boston – Not So Strange Bedfellows
“…Verizon has initiated both a marketing and product strategy in Boston that will likely be the model for other places it serves. …
3. The Legacy App Gap
“…We estimate that to covert legacy apps to modern apps would take hundreds of millions of dollars (if not billions), and that most
companies will suffer through using legacy apps for a very long time. Some relief is in site with many of the rapid application
conversion/deployment programs now available.....”

May 2016
1. Enterprise Mobile Apps: Why do they cost so much?
“…we surveyed about 250 enterprises to find out what they expected their mobile app budget to be for the particular mobile app solution
they were currently working on... the single largest budget range was $1M-$5M...”
2. EoT: The Power Behind the Throne
“…Organizations that focus only on the things will fail to achieve the needed return on investments that can truly revolutionize the ways
enterprises conduct business. Over the next 1-2 years, organizations must create a strategy focused on their business needs, and invest
in extending technologies that can make such strategies work…”
3. Leaving Productivity Behind: Why All Business Clients Should Have a Cellular Connection
“…Our analysis of the costs vs. benefits for deploying a wireless broadband connection for virtually all mobile workers shows that the
payback is quite substantial and that the recurring costs can be recouped very quickly... payback that can be as much as $8400 per user
per year.....”

April 20, 2016 Technology Flash
Intel: Where Does It Go From Here?
"...Intel announced its earnings for the Q1 2016 quarter, which were not stellar...It would be a mistake to think that Intel can’t pivot to the
new markets, and generate significant revenues at compelling margins... The transition will take a couple of years, but Intel will remain a
major force in the emerging market areas, and in some cases, will be dominant.….”

April 2016
1. EMM: What are Enterprises Actually Using?
“…The most popularly deployed components of EMM suites are those that directly affect the day to day operations of the mobile device
and the user experience. There are many “nice to have” components as well but these are generally higher order derivatives that don’t
often get priority deployments....”
2. The Battle for the End User Workspace
“…a new paradigm is beginning to emerge for a diverse mobile workforce with a focus not on empowering individual devices, but on
building a universal workspace that can function on virtually any device for any worker or workflow… The two primary vendors delivering
this new “workspaces as a service” paradigm are Citrix and VMWare …”
3.  IBM InterConnect - Courting Corporate Cloud
“…IBM wants to establish a clear differentiated position from its primary cloud competitors. Watson is currently ahead of cognitive
offerings from Google and Microsoft, and Bluemix, now with extensions to GitHub put it ahead of the pack for enterprise apps.....”

March 31, 2016 Technology Flash
Microsoft Build: Opportunities taken, opportunities lost
"...quite impressed with where Nadella is taking Microsoft. Its new focus is setting it on a path for a great future. I’m not sure I would have
said that 3 years ago...But it would have been quite useful (and well received) if Microsoft had addressed some of these major compelling
issues. Hopefully that will happen in the near future. But this is a lost opportunity for Microsoft to have taken a major leadership

March 2016
1. Should Microsoft be in the PC Hardware Business?
“…We recommend that Microsoft continue to make PC hardware, but only to the extent that it can produce truly innovative products that
push the leading edge …pushing the market to be more competitive so that customers start buying PC devices again will ultimately
benefit Microsoft and its total ecosystem.....”
2. Moving to Cognitive Security
“…Enterprises would do well to start looking at emerging cognitive based solutions for security, particularly as it relates to mobile and IoT
devices. Old style anti-malware loaded on each device will not be sufficient to stem the threats now present and emerging…”
3. Your PC has an Identity Crisis
“…the PC is the single largest point of risk for data leakage in business costing potentially millions of dollars per incident. The number of
threats is growing, as is the vulnerability of organizations relying on old ways of providing security to their end user devices......”

February 2016
1. HP aims to “Reinvent” Mobile
“…HP recently announced its new Elite X3 convertible smartphone that can become a notebook computer or a desktop… It is encouraging
that HP is trying to regain its reputation of innovation of years past... But acceptance (and success) is not assured.....”
2. The Great Enterprise Mobile App Challenge
“…Although not perfect, apps created by these tools can be perfectly usable and enhance worker productivity. And they can be deployed
in a matter of hours or days, rather than the months needed for a typical IT coding project. The potential ROI to the organization can be
3. GPUs as a Service
“…We expect to see a major new market emerge for GPU as a Service over the next 2-3 years. This should greatly benefit both the
traditional GPU makers (AMD, Nvidia) as well as the mobile oriented vendors that are ARM based (ARM, Qualcomm)...”

January 2016
1. Good, Better, BES
“…With the coupling of Good and BlackBerry assets, we expect to see a much more favorable competitive position emerge for
BlackBerry. Companies that currently have legacy Good or BlackBerry deployments would do well to upgrade....”
2. IoT and the Augmented Worker
“…Over the next 3-5 years, most companies will move from experimenting with the new augmented reality and cognitive based systems
into production mode.. Companies should be making plans now to incorporate these technologies on a phased-in basis…”
3. Cisco’s 5G and IoT Awakening
“…Cisco is wisely expanding into new growth markets. Cisco is serious about the potential for IoT, as it is about 5G as well. Jasper
brings Cisco much closer to carriers which will help Cisco longer term with the next wave of upgrades......”
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