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May 2016
1. Enterprise Mobile Apps: Why do they cost so much?
“…we surveyed about 250 enterprises to find out what they expected their mobile app budget to be for the particular mobile app solution they
were currently working on... the single largest budget range was $1M-$5M...”
2. EoT: The Power Behind the Throne
“…Organizations that focus only on the things will fail to achieve the needed return on investments that can truly revolutionize the ways
enterprises conduct business. Over the next 1-2 years, organizations must create a strategy focused on their business needs, and invest in
extending technologies that can make such strategies work…”
3. Leaving Productivity Behind: Why All Business Clients Should Have a Cellular Connection
“…Our analysis of the costs vs. benefits for deploying a wireless broadband connection for virtually all mobile workers shows that the payback
is quite substantial and that the recurring costs can be recouped very quickly... payback that can be as much as $8400 per user per year.....”

April 20, 2016 Technology Flash
Intel: Where Does It Go From Here?
"...Intel announced its earnings for the Q1 2016 quarter, which were not stellar...It would be a mistake to think that Intel can’t pivot to the new
markets, and generate significant revenues at compelling margins... The transition will take a couple of years, but Intel will remain a major force
in the emerging market areas, and in some cases, will be dominant.….”

April 2016
1. EMM: What are Enterprises Actually Using?
“…The most popularly deployed components of EMM suites are those that directly affect the day to day operations of the mobile device and the
user experience. There are many “nice to have” components as well but these are generally higher order derivatives that don’t often get priority
2. The Battle for the End User Workspace
“…a new paradigm is beginning to emerge for a diverse mobile workforce with a focus not on empowering individual devices, but on building a
universal workspace that can function on virtually any device for any worker or workflow… The two primary vendors delivering this new
“workspaces as a service” paradigm are Citrix and VMWare …”
3.  IBM InterConnect - Courting Corporate Cloud
“…IBM wants to establish a clear differentiated position from its primary cloud competitors. Watson is currently ahead of cognitive offerings from
Google and Microsoft, and Bluemix, now with extensions to GitHub put it ahead of the pack for enterprise apps.....”

March 31, 2016 Technology Flash
Microsoft Build: Opportunities taken, opportunities lost
"...quite impressed with where Nadella is taking Microsoft. Its new focus is setting it on a path for a great future. I’m not sure I would have said
that 3 years ago...But it would have been quite useful (and well received) if Microsoft had addressed some of these major compelling issues.
Hopefully that will happen in the near future. But this is a lost opportunity for Microsoft to have taken a major leadership position......”

March 2016
1. Should Microsoft be in the PC Hardware Business?
“…We recommend that Microsoft continue to make PC hardware, but only to the extent that it can produce truly innovative products that push the
leading edge …pushing the market to be more competitive so that customers start buying PC devices again will ultimately benefit Microsoft and
its total ecosystem.....”
2. Moving to Cognitive Security
“…Enterprises would do well to start looking at emerging cognitive based solutions for security, particularly as it relates to mobile and IoT
devices. Old style anti-malware loaded on each device will not be sufficient to stem the threats now present and emerging…”
3. Your PC has an Identity Crisis
“…the PC is the single largest point of risk for data leakage in business costing potentially millions of dollars per incident. The number of
threats is growing, as is the vulnerability of organizations relying on old ways of providing security to their end user devices......”

February 2016
1. HP aims to “Reinvent” Mobile
“…HP recently announced its new Elite X3 convertible smartphone that can become a notebook computer or a desktop… It is encouraging that
HP is trying to regain its reputation of innovation of years past... But acceptance (and success) is not assured.....”
2. The Great Enterprise Mobile App Challenge
“…Although not perfect, apps created by these tools can be perfectly usable and enhance worker productivity. And they can be deployed in a
matter of hours or days, rather than the months needed for a typical IT coding project. The potential ROI to the organization can be huge!..”
3. GPUs as a Service
“…We expect to see a major new market emerge for GPU as a Service over the next 2-3 years. This should greatly benefit both the traditional
GPU makers (AMD, Nvidia) as well as the mobile oriented vendors that are ARM based (ARM, Qualcomm)...”

January 2016
1. Good, Better, BES
“…With the coupling of Good and BlackBerry assets, we expect to see a much more favorable competitive position emerge for BlackBerry.
Companies that currently have legacy Good or BlackBerry deployments would do well to upgrade....”
2. IoT and the Augmented Worker
“…Over the next 3-5 years, most companies will move from experimenting with the new augmented reality and cognitive based systems into
production mode.. Companies should be making plans now to incorporate these technologies on a phased-in basis…”
3. Cisco’s 5G and IoT Awakening
“…Cisco is wisely expanding into new growth markets. Cisco is serious about the potential for IoT, as it is about 5G as well. Jasper brings Cisco
much closer to carriers which will help Cisco longer term with the next wave of upgrades......”

December 2015
1. Most companies have the wrong approach to enterprise mobile apps
“…Rapid application deployment needs to be the mantra for internal business apps. Time really is of the essence when it comes to these apps.
Any delay in getting the apps to workers has major cost implications.....”
2. Cisco/Ericsson partnership – brought to you by 5G
“…The announced strategic partnership is critical to the success of both Cisco and Ericsson if they want to stay relevant in the coming 5G
upgrade cycle. …without the partnership, it is highly likely each would have had much less influence…”
3. ARM – Tries to go Big and Little
“…ARM is taking a gamble on the server side, given the amount of resources required to make it successful… However, this is no “slam dunk”,
and increased competition from Intel… could limit ARM’s success......”

November 2015
1. Identity in the Mobile Age
“…Enterprises must begin to implement an updated identity management and authentication strategy taking into account the changing nature of
identity… Within the next 2 years, the process of identifying and authenticating users and their access points will change significantly, but not
without some pain along the way....”
2. Enterprise Mobile Managed Services (EMMS)
“…We expect to see a healthy market emerge for enterprise-grade mobile management services, beyond the limited services offered today..
However, companies that consider such services would do well to be cautious in choosing a supplier…”
3. The (Digital) Natives are Restless
“…The next decade will see dramatic shifts in how users interact with corporate systems, and how those systems are created, presented and
managed. It’s not too soon for companies to be strategizing about how this new model will be implemented......”

June 2015
1. Study: Growth ahead for Enterprise Mobile Management
2. HP: What’s old is new again
3. The APIs have it

August 2014
1. Replacing Enterprise PCs: The Fallacy of the 3-4 Year Upgrade Cycle
2 Moore’s Law: Dead or Alive?
3 When “Can You Hear Me Now” is not a Good Thing

July 2014
1. Is the MDM Ride Almost Over?
2 The Enterprise PC: Not Quite Dead Yet
3 The “Mobile Value Chain”

February 2014
1. Mobile Vendor Feeding Frenzy
2. Enterprise Class SSD: A Business Benefit Analysis
3. Lenovo Bulking Up to Expand Globally

January 2014
1. 2013: The Year In Mobile Chips
2. Should Sprint Buy T-Mobile?
3. The “Enterprise of Things”

October 2013
1. Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8.1: More Than Just a Facelift?
2. Changing of the Guard at Microsoft
3. Microsoft Buys into the Phone Business

September 2013
1. Intel vPro Goes End-User
2. Smart Watches May Fail, But They Don’t have to
3. OpenPower Consortium: Too Little, Too Late?

August 2013
1. Picking the Right Enterprise Tablet: Things to Consider
2. Tablets in the Enterprise: iPads in Trouble?
3. MFA Gets Mobile (Multi- Factor Authentication)

July 2013
1. BlackBerry Reportedly Hacked. Is this just the “Tip of the Iceberg”?
2. Why Android is the Better (Long Term) Enterprise Choice over iOS
3. Nvidia’s Preemptive Strike!

June 2013
1. Why Microsoft is Failing with RT (and what it can do about it)
2. Next Gen Mobility: Advantage Goes to Intel!
3. Does ARM Really Have an Advantage over Intel’s x86 Architecture?

March 2013
1. Mobile Competition: The Next Phase
2. Carriers Searching For New Opportunities
3. The Quest For Mobile Security

February 2013
1. Mobile Big Data: An Emerging Trend
2. Is BYOD "On The Ropes"
3. The 3 C's Revolutionizing Personal Computing - Mobile and Otherwise
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